It’s Back!! Currently milling heirloom pink corn. Its soft, delicate texture and rich roasted and candied aromatics make it irresistible. A stunner which sells out as quickly as we can mill the small amount we receive each year. Replace conventional cornmeal in your recipes with this variety and prepare to be wowed by tenderness and depth of flavor.

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1 1/2 lb of Freshly milled Heirloom Pink Cornmeal

When we are able to source organic corn grown from Native American seed sources, it makes the finest, most aromatic cornmeal. This beautiful pink corn is extremely rare and always sells out quickly. It produces soft, delicate cornmeal with incredibly rich flavor and aroma: subtly floral with roasted/toasted and candied flavors with a bit of fermentation on the nose (in a good way!) Our cornmeal has a much finer texture than our polenta. Very limited availability, while supplies last.
*You can substitute this cornmeal 1:1 for grocery store brands


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