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100% Whole Grain

Fresh Local Flour

Fresh Local Flour


As Greater Los Angeles’ first urban flour mill in almost 100 years, we are reviving one of history’s most important crafts but with a fresh modern approach.

It turns out not all wheat is created equal and neither is all flour. As a baker’s most important building block, it should enhance, improve an even inspire. Flour is not just flour. Additional research and exploration gave even more clarity: if we wanted better flour, flour with more flavor and character, we were going to have to mill it ourselves.

What you will find here is a resource for top quality freshly milled flour, an exploration of wheat, milling and baking, and an unapologetic rejection of the status quo. We do not mill like other mills.  We make only the finest 100% whole grain flour – no sifting to create refined or high extraction flour here! Each grain is its own journey and can only be fully appreciated when all of the flavor, aroma and textural components remain in the flour.

New Gift Sets

Treat yourself or your favorite people to our new and returning gift sets, from Chocolate Chip Cookies to Sourdough Bread, we’ve got you covered with all the delicious whole grain baking necessities!

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Peace goes into the making of a poem as flour goes into the making of bread.

Pablo Neruda


We are only as good as the grain we source. Everything begins and ends in the field, which is why our most important work is building relationships with farmers who share our vision of diversity, quality and sustainability


California grown wheat is the backbone of our business. Our Hard Red and Hard White varieties can’t be beat for baking strength.


Our fresh milled Polenta and Cornmeal have a very loyal following. Our stone ground corn is superior in flavor and texture.


Older wheat varieties that naturally adapted to their place are critical for flavor diversity and climate change.


The precursors to modern wheat: Einkorn, Emmer and Spelt are revelations for modern baking.


Featured Grain: Sonora

Let’s talk about the Wheat Flavor Wheel and Sonora! At Grist & Toll, we’ve been milling landrace Sonora wheat into flour since the day we opened our doors. What is a landrace wheat? Landrace wheat varieties have been grown for hundreds of years without modern breeding or genetic interference. Though not necessarily indigenous, landrace seed […]


Press Play with Madeleine Brand – Sonora

“Sonoran white wheat: Whole grain but doesn’t look or taste like it” by Evan Kleiman of KCRW’s Good Food podcast Click on this link to enjoy Evan Kleiman’s interview with Madeleine Brand featuring the joys of baking with whole grain Sonora wheat flour. Yes! Thank you, Evan, for sharing some love for one of our […]

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