Our Flour

At Grist & Toll, we produce all of our flour by a process known as whole grain, stone milling. That means we grind the wheat or grain with the whole berry intact – no tempering, or soaking, the grains prior to milling in order to separate the germ and bran from the endosperm. This process preserves what we hold most dear: nutrients, flavor and integrity.

We select our grain based on its provenance, baking qualities and flavor profile. Truly special wheat may be available to us in smaller quantities, and because of this we may not always have the same product assortment available. As is mother nature’s way, the same grain grown in the same place one year later may not exhibit the exact same baking qualities across the board. Our flour pages are here to help you become more familiar and comfortable with using freshly milled flour. By giving you as much information as possible about each flour and its baking properties, we also hope to give you more creative power as cooks and bakers.

Something to always keep in mind: the whole grain milling process means that the germ and bran have been ground into the flour and remain a part of its composition, even after light or heavy sifting. You will find, therefore, that our flour absorbs liquid a little differently and the color will never be truly white, as tiny specs of the bran and germ will always be visible.

We perform baking tests in addition to laboratory tests so that we can alert you to any significant changes that may be necessary in common recipes. Unless stated otherwise, you can confidently substitute our flour 1:1 in most baking applications.

The majority of the flour we create will come from locally sourced, organic grain. However, we reserve the right to bring to you limited edition offerings from not only around the country, but perhaps from around the world. If we come across something truly special, we won’t be able to help ourselves. There’s a lot of grain diversity out there and we intend to experience and share with you as much as possible.

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