About Us

At Grist & Toll, we are not your average flour millers. We are bakers who became obsessed with our primary ingredient – flour. It has become our mission to source the best and most delicious grain, mill it in a purist’s manner on an authentic stone mill, and get it into your hands as fresh as possible.

We share the same heart, soul and devotion to our craft as the amazing farmers who grow for us, and the same passion and determination as the bakers and chefs who inspire us with their creativity and skill.

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This is who we are.


  This is what we do.

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Curators (kyu̇r-ā-tərs) noun: having the care and superintendence of wheat, guardians, overseers of a heritage grain collection.


Collaborators (kə-ˈla-bə-rāt-ərs) noun: to work together on a common enterprise, project, or sphere of common interest– with our customers and community


Garagistes (gar-ah-zhee-stuh) noun, French, from “garer” -to dock, to protect: a wine industry term that applies to those on the cutting edge who craft in small batches, strive to be different, pioneers, and rule-breakers.

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