Wit Wolkoring


*Out of stock until harvest 2022*
2.5# of whole grain flour milled from heirloom Wit Wolkoring wheat, grown in Sonoma, CA by Farmer Mai Nguyen. Store cold due to higher moisture content.

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*Sadly, out of stock until harvest 2022*
We are so happy to have this flour available again! Grown by Farmer Mai Nguyen in Sonoma, CA, it is a soft white heirloom wheat variety with very lactic, milky flavors and a velvety texture. We use Wit Wolkoring for almost any baking, from pastry to bread. As with many older wheat varieties, it does not have the gluten strength of modern wheat, but makes up for it in flavor and character. Store this one cold – freezer if you can – it has a higher moisture content than other grains. Higher moisture content also means be careful with your hydration for bread and don’t push it too high with this wheat.

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Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 8 in
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