SoCal Flour Share 2022!

The Farmer Mai and Grist & Toll collaborative Flour Share is continuing thanks to popular demand. The program will last from Dec 2021 – May 2022, wherein expertly stone-milled whole wheat flour will be available each month. This season we’re offering two flour shares: Chiddam Blanc de Mars Flour Share and Farmer’s Choice Flour Share. First flour share will be available before Christmas, just in time for holiday baking!

  • Chiddam Blanc de Mars Flour Share: receive five pounds ($250) or ten pounds ($400) of freshly milled Chiddam Blanc de Mars per month.  Chiddam Blanc de Mars is a soft white, landrace wheat that can easily be substituted for all-purpose flour while carrying dynamic, delightful flavors. This share works well for bakers and cooks who’d like a consistent supply of fresh, predictable, versatile flour.
  • Farmer’s Choice Flour Share: receive five pounds of Chiddam Blanc de Mars plus five pounds of another Farmer Mai-grown variety for a total of ten pounds per month ($550). Varieties include Akmolinka poulard wheat, Dark Northern rye, Sonora and an experimental Hard Red/Hard White blend. Limited number of shares available at this level.

Here is the link to Farmer Mai’s Shopify page where you can purchase your flour share:

More details: We’re happy to offer the sliding scale again. We heard how immensely helpful this structure was for increasing access to this flour, especially during this pandemic. For both Chiddam and Farmer’s Choice shares, there are three categories:

  • Share A: these shares are priced according to the farmer and miller costs of production
  • Share B: these shares are $100 more than Share A and directly subsidize Share C
  • Share C: these shares $100 less than Share A and are available on a limited basis, based on number of Share B purchases

The number of subsidized shares directly correlates with how many community members choose to contribute. So, there will be two subscription dates:

  • Nov 5: Shares C and B open. Share C contributes an additional $100 to subsidize Share A.
  • Nov 12: Shares B and A open. Number of Share A  available depends on number of Share Cs purchased.

Flour Shares are pick-up only this season, however we have secured additional pick up locations to make participation more convenient for subscribers. Pick-up locations will be:

  • Pasadena: Grist and Toll
  • Los Angeles: Friends and Family
  • Santa Monica: Gourmandise School
  • La Jolla: Wayfarer Bread
  • San Diego: HomeEc
  • Thousand Oaks/Ventura: Slow Food Ventura

To purchase your share, click on this link to Farmer Mai’s Shopify page:

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