CA Wheat Commission Whole Wheat Croissant Class

We are happy to announce an incredible whole wheat class opportunity!
100% Whole Wheat Croissants
September 11th and 12th, 2021

California Wheat Commission Lab, Woodland, CA

The lab at the California Wheat Commission is offering a 2 day class for home bakers that will teach the formula and technique for 100% whole wheat croissants. A whole grain croissant class at Grist & Toll has been a dream for so long. The CA Wheat Commission is beating us to it and we couldn’t be happier! We’ll be there in spirit – they’ll be using Grist & Toll flour! This is such a special opportunity we want everyone to know about it and have the chance to participate. If you live in Northern California, run do not walk to register. If you live down south with us, you should seriously consider booking a flight. The Wheat Commission can help you find local lodging near the lab.

Your guide and mentor will be Alejandra Andrade. Since she was hired as Lab Assistant and Baker, Alejandra has jumped into the deep end of 100% whole grain baking and recipe development. She has not only accumulated tremendous wheat and flour quality knowledge, but has been consistently developing whole grain baking skills and insight and is ready to share everything she knows. Her journey has taught her the importance of observing and journaling to adjust for mixing time, hydration levels, ambient temperature, fermentation time, and even ingredient selection — everything you need to know to put you on the right path to croissant excellence. Plus, you’ll be in the middle of the wheat quality lab so you can see all of the testing equipment and ask all the questions!

Croissants are a bit of a unicorn in the world of bread baking, even when using white refined flour. We’ve been told there are certain things that can’t be made with whole wheat flour, croissants being at or near the top of that very long list. Obviously, at Grist & Toll we reject that sentiment, and the CA Wheat Commission not only agrees but has been actively working to support California-milled whole grain flour and whole grain baking. Not only will you leave this class with the skills and knowledge for laminating dough and making croissants, but you’ll be able to eat, bake enjoy and share an even more elusive unicorn for yourself: the most delicious croissant of them all, which just happens to be 100% whole wheat. You won’t be able to eat commercial croissants after this and that’s a #sorrynotsorry !!

For full class details
Call: 530-661-1292
2-day class, $400
Sept 11-12, 2021
Location: 1240 Commerce Ave., Ste A, Woodland, CA 95776

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