Sonora Flour


100% Extraction (whole wheat) Sonora flour. Available in 2.5# and 5# bags!

Sonora is a landrace wheat, very important in California’s agricultural history. It has become the wheat variety we can’t live without. We use it in virtually all pastry baking. It’s creamy color and milky flavor profile make it perfect for almost everything. If you’d like to use Sonora for bread baking, be sure to give it a good, strong partner like our Hard White or Hard Red.


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Freshly Milled 100% Extraction (whole wheat) Sonora flour

A soft white landrace wheat variety with low protein and mellow gluten. Sonora has become the wheat we just can’t live without. Sonora is very important to the history of wheat growing in California and is the original tortilla wheat. We use it for virtually all pastry baking. It’s pale, creamy color and flavor profile also make it a very stealth whole grain flour – it doesn’t look or taste whole grain-y.


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