Hard White Flour


100% Extraction, White Whole Wheat flour. Available in 2.5# and 5# bags.

Great for bread, pizza and pasta. Our white wheat flour is a pale, creamy color with cereal, milky, buttery flavor. It’s a great transition into whole wheat baking, offering excellent bread baking strength with more mellow color and flavor. This variety was developed at WSU and grown under organic certification in Washington State.


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Freshly Milled 100% Extraction (100% whole wheat) Hard White

We are currently milling a Hard White wheat variety that is new to us, developed at WSU and grown in Washington state.  This white wheat does not have quite as much gluten strength as Star, but it will still create a delicious and open-crumbed loaf of bread.  It mills to a very fine particle size and has a beautiful, creamy color with a milky, toasty flavor profile. It produces bread and baked goods that are not quite “white” but definitely lighter in color and texture than those made with red wheat varieties. As always, when baking 100% whole grain bread using stone milled flour, you will need to increase your hydration percentage, but this variety is not quite as thirsty as Star. See the Current Selections page for more details.


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