Pancakes for President!


This set makes a compelling  argument in favor of eating pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, not just on the weekends! Set includes: 2 1/2 pounds each Sonora and Spelt flours, Zoar Tapatree maple syrup (life changing!), a jar of preserves, and the definitive booklet on all things pancake authored by Amy Halloran
*Ships in its own gift box, not wrapped
**Jam may change seasonally

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We love pancakes, especially when made with G&T Sonora and Spelt flours! Share your own love of pancakes with someone special by gifting this set. Includes:
2 1/2 pounds each, Sonora and Spelt flours (a 50/50 blend of the two is our fave!)
Zoar Tapatree maple syrup (life changing!)
Jam for spreading on top when you feel extra fancy
The definitive booklet on pancakes, authored by Amy Halloran, friend and supporter of regional grain economies and deliverer of all the griddle cake knowledge you will ever need for both sweet and savory deliciousness.
*Ships in its own gift box, not wrapped
**Jam may change seasonally

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