October Bread Class : Bread and Culture

Grist & Toll Bread Baking Series: Bread and Culture
Graison Gill of Bellegarde Bakery Returns
Saturday, October 10, 2015
10:00 am to 4:00 pm

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Recommended for intermediate bread bakers.
Some understanding of sourdough bread baking is beneficial.

Back by popular demand, Graison Gill, owner of Bellegarde Bakery, is visiting us again from New Orleans to craft some delicious bread. As an artisan baker in a city like New Orleans with such rich cultural heritage, Graison has embraced and perfected the art of weaving local flavors into his bread repetoire. In this fascinating class, we will explore through our bread fornulas and techniques an expression of Los Angeles’ cultural diversity and the influence of cultured foods. As described by Graison:

“In Los Angeles grains travel, like people. Historically grains have travelled because of people, because of birds, because of commercialism. Regardless, grains and people alike are affected by their environment. Nature creates nurture….In this class we will create breads that draw on many strings of different fabrics, locales, environments, and flavors. But we will never stray from the premise of the grain: fresh, stone-milled, and whole grain flours will always determine the quality (or lack thereof) of any true bread. In a melting pot, the, err….yeast rises to the top. ”

Class Description:

In this hands on class, we will cover baker’s math and simple bread formulas, understanding of bread’s ingredients (flour, water, salt and leavening), exposure to bakers’ tools and uses, an in depth discussion of grains and their origins, and hand-mixing, shaping and baking the following 3 types of bread:

– a Korean Bialy: Edison hard white wheat, Rice Flour, Sesame, Kimchee
– a Spent Grains Fougasse: Edison, Charcoal Wheat, Poleta, Spent Grains
– a Coffee Rye Couronne: Rye, Red Fife, Edison, Coffee

3 distinct bread shapes to learn and 3 culturally influenced (literally and figuratively!) bread formulas.

All materials necessary for the class will be provided, however, students should bring their own aprons to wear during class. A light lunch is included.

Class size is limited to 12 students. No refunds or changes after October 2, 2015.

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