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Bread and Science with Andrew Ross

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Sunday, March 13, 2016

10:00 am to 4:00 pm

*This is an all day class with lunch included

We are very pleased to have snagged Andrew Ross, professor of Crop and Food Science at Oregon State University, for an in depth examination of wheat, bread and the sourdough process. For those of you with an interest in wheat cultivation and how it has changed through the years, or for those bread science nerds, like us, who need answers to the burning “what the heck is going on with my levain” questions, this is your class. Andrew knows wheat, and Andrew knows bread. He’s here to give us a deeper understanding of flour and yeast so that we are more empowered as bakers.

In this hands-on class we will:

  • Learn Andrew’s artisan bread formula, specially developed for Grist & Toll flour, from mixing the dough to shaping
  • Talk about heritage wheat vs modern wheat and get the real story
  • Learn some of the science behind baking with sourdough cultures
  • Discuss the differences of baking with commercial yeast, sourdough starters, or both in tandem, and how this affects the nutritional value of bread
  • Discuss differences in milling techniques and whether or not it matters for whole grain flour and baking
  • Bake and enjoy bread together
  • This class will have the unique opportunity to help Andrew and Nan test the notion of ageing flour and whether or not it has any impact at all on bread quality

About Our Guest Instructor:

Andrew Ross has spent over 30 years researching wheat and wheat-based foods. He specializes in fundamental and applied research in cereal grains, and wheat- and barley-based foods. He is an advocate for whole grains, and teaches food chemistry. His teaching focus is on the fascination of the profound transformations that happen during even the most apparently mundane of processing/cooking operations. His work and studies have given him the opportunity to learn from some of the USA’s best bakers. He has a fascination with sourdoughs and, in his cozy research bakery, leverages this into product development with whole-wheat and barley.

Included in the class:

Each student will leave with the dough they have developed in class for baking at home. All classroom materials will be provided as well as a light lunch. Students should bring their own aprons from home. There will be space in the printed curriculum for taking notes.

Class size is limited so that each student gets plenty of hands-on instruction.

Class cost: $195

We are sorry to say we have sold out this class


*No refunds or exchanges after 3/06/16

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