100% Whole Wheat Marquis. An heirloom soft red spring wheat, first planted in North America in 1904. Great for bread and enriched dough. Aim for a slightly lower hydration percentage with whole grain sourdough formulas and utilize a preferment when baking with commercial yeast.
*Marquis has a very interesting history. You can read about it here:

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100% whole wheat heirloom Marquis. You will love the flavor: warm, toasty, nutty and smooth. For more historical info, visit our blog page:

Baking tips: Like Spelt, it has more silky and elastic gluten, rather than snappy. For sourdough bread, lower your hydration to about 80% and increase levain (we go from 20% to 30%), or partner it with our Hard White or Hard Red.
For commercial yeast bread, a 100% Marquis loaf will perform better by integrating a preferment, such as a poolish. We found 30% to 40% (of total flour) to be the desired target. If you have questions, give us a call during retail hours.

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