Gift yourself of someone you love an American classic with a West Coast twist. We are elevating the humble PB&J with California sourced ingredients: Grist & Toll Hard White whole wheat flour, the incomparable Enzo’s Table Almond Butter, local jammer Laura Ann’s Strawberry Vanilla Jam, a bread pan with our favorite multi-purpose dimensions, and the recipes you need for a soft, sliceable loaf of bread, both commercial yeast and sourdough formulas included. You better have a hipster lunch bag to match!
*Set packaged in Gift Box with Ribbon

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We’re putting a West Coast spin on the classic PB&J and taking it up a notch! Here you have the makings for a very elevated sandwich experience:
*2.5 lbs of our our new crop Hard White whole wheat flour
*Hand crafted small batch Almond Butter from Enzo’s Table
*L.A. fave Laura Ann’s Strawberry Vanilla jam (she doesn’t skimp on the vanilla which is why we love her so much!)
*Our favorite size Bread Pan
*Both sourdough and commercial yeast bread recipes for the ultimate soft, tender, sliceable loaf.

The California Almond Butter and Jam gift set: Your paper bag lunch will never be the same.

Packaged celebration-ready, in a Gift Box with Ribbon

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 12.5 × 12.5 × 8 in
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