Grist & Toll is hiring!

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We are on the hunt for someone to learn and assist with milling/flour production at Grist & Toll.

Initially, this will be a permanent, part-time job with the goal that it will transition into a permanent, full-time position. If you would like to be considered, please send your current resume (including references) to: If you have submitted a resume to us in the past and are still interested in working with us, please reconnect with a new email and resume. Read on for job details.

The assistant miller will be responsible for milling, bagging and organizing weekly retail and wholesale flour orders. The work will include minor computer work, such as maintaining and updating orders in an Excel file. It will also include end of shift cleaning tasks such as vacuuming, sweeping, washing and in some cases reassembling small pieces of equipment. Responsibilities also include filling and labeling retail bags. Candidate will need clear communication skills and will be responsible for executing all tasks while maintaining cleanliness and safety standards. Must enjoy the quiet hum of a lot of solo, repetitive work; this is a small team and a small space, we look out for each other and mutitasking is the name of the game.
**If candidate has sufficient knowledge and work history, there may also be available hours assisting customers in the retail shop.

Operates mill and support equipment for flour production
Monitors flour output for quality control
Assists Manager in determining weekly flour production schedule
Must be detail oriented with the ability to multitask
Data entry, using Excel, for wholesale orders
Bagging and labeling wholesale and retail flour bags
Assisting with receiving bulk grain shipments and storage requirements
Demonstrates efficient time management and self-monitoring
End of shift cleanup: vacuuming, wiping, mopping, washing tools
Must be a committed and flexible team player with eyes on the bigger picture needs of a small, proprietary business

Professional experience in food manufacturing or food preparation (commercial kitchen) is preferred
Customer service experience a bonus
Must have familiarity with some general computer programs, such as Excel, Word, Email
Valid ServSafe certification: manager’s level is preferred (G&T will pay for candidate to be certified at this level if position becomes permanent)

Extensive standing and walking for up to 8 hours
Must be able to easily lift and move 50# bags, buckets, boxes and unwieldy hoses (lol!)
Must have good vision and hand dexterity to be able to perform tasks working with small tools, nuts and screws, needles and thread
Must have excellent hearing/awareness, the ability to recognize subtle changes in noise from machinery (aka attention to detail)
Must be able to reach and operate equipment handles over 5 feet high without aid from step stool or ladder

Small, tight, efficient space
Exposure to flour dust
Exposure to dish and cleaning chemicals
Exposure to equipment noise

Competitive hourly rate
Respectful, collaborative teammates
Free G&T flour
Participation in whole grain baking tests and recipe development
Free attendance to G&T baking classes, as schedule allows

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