COVID-19 Grist & Toll Operations Update

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6/1/20: We are re-opening our retail shop this week for normal business hours: Wednesday through Saturday from 11:00-5:00 with the following restrictions

  • Face masks required
  • Number of customers in the shop at one time will be limited

* 6/1/20 A reminder that all web orders remain for shipping only. Phone orders and curbside pickup are no longer necessary since the retail shop will now be open again.

Up front, a very big apology to our longtime customers and supporters who are having difficulty reaching us and purchasing flour. We know and we hear you and are trying to figure out a better way to meet your flour needs. Please hang in there with us.

Each week we are reevaluating to see what we can improve or change to facilitate purchases. Please bear with us as we are a very small crew trying to adapt to bigger demand and a wildly changing marketplace. To help everyone navigate more easily and manage expectations, below is a list of FAQ’s and the current answers.

  1. All of your flours are currently sold out. When will you have more available?

Answer: We have had to shift to a new weekly production model based on balancing increased demand with how much flour we can produce each week given our grain resources and the fact that we have only one mill with which to produce everything we sell.

We will now try to calculate weekly quantities we can confidently produce per type of flour and refresh the website, making those amounts available for purchase, at the beginning of each week. We can’t guarantee or publish a specific time as that only caused the website to crash from too many visitors at one time. Once those quantities have sold out, there will be no more flour available to buy until the next week, when we will crunch numbers and do the same thing all over again. If a flour you are interested in purchasing is out of stock, please check back again at the beginning of the following week.

Due to increased traffic, the website has been overloaded on more than one occasion, even preventing us from logging in on a Monday morning to upload more inventory. We can’t predict that or control it, so please have some patience and check back later. We have increased our server capacity to help mitigate this and we hope it won’t be an issue moving forward.

  1. I successfully placed an order (Hooray!) When will my order ship or when will it be ready for pick up at the mill?

Answer: While inventory is updated at the beginning of the week, it still takes several days to actually mill and bag the flour each week. There is no guarantee which day of the week it will be ready, but with longer mill runs for each grain it is taking longer to cycle through all the different types of flour we offer, and most likely nothing will leave the shop until closer to the end of the week.

Orders to be shipped will receive two email notifications: The first will confirm we have received your order and given it an order number. The second will notify you that your order is complete and has been shipped. You should receive a tracking number, but may not see any movement for 24-48 hours, depending on when the label was printed vs when it was picked up by the FedEx truck to begin its journey to you.

Orders for pickup This option is currently unavailable. Check back here weekly to see if/when we are able to offer this service again. 

  1. Can I place an order over the phone?

Answer: At this time, no.

  1. I would like to order multiple bags of the same flour, but the system isn’t letting me. What’s going on?

Answer: Due to overwhelming demand, we are limiting the number of bags a single customer can purchase. We do not enjoy being the flour police. We much prefer our previous role as the flour fairies, magically making all of your whole grain flour dreams come true. Please, only order what you truly need and not one of everything just because it may be available. We are attempting to reach as many people in need of flour as possible. Your consideration of others is greatly appreciated. *please note that if you try to game the system by placing multiple orders in an effort to increase the number of bags, we will cancel the duplicates and refund you. Yes, it’s happening. Not cool and also not joyful for us.

  1. I would like a larger bag of flour. When will you have larger sizes available again?

Answer: *As of 4/20/20, we have begun offering a limited number of 5-lb bags again. If you are unable to order, it just means we are out of stock for this week. Bulk bags of 25 pounds or greater have always been available only to our legitimate cottage food baking businesses, bakeries and restaurant accounts, and will remain so.

  1. I am looking to replace the All Purpose Flour I can no longer find in the grocery stores. Which of your flours is closest to that?

Answer: Well hello there, you’re new! We don’t make All Purpose Flour. Not only that, you’ve just landed on the website of what is probably the only small, regional stone mill in the country right now that does not sift any flour at all, exclusively offering 100% whole gain flours. We believe in the craft of milling and its ability to deliver a beautifully fine whole grain flour, much superior to industrial brands, (if we do say so ourselves) which also, by the way, allows us to preserve 100% of the diversity, flavor and nutritional value of the heirloom grains you may also have been searching for. Perhaps that’s what led you here. Time to dig in and do some reading. Please check out our Current Selections page for some insight into the different types of grain we mill. No AP here, but a big, beautiful baking adventure awaits you if you’re game.

  1. I’m looking to replace grocery store Bread Flour, ‘00 Pizza Flour, yada, yada, yada…

Answer: Please see answer to question number 6 above and insert Bread Flour, 00, Type 85 (or whatever!) in place of AP! And welcome to a brave new world!

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