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Sourdough Bread Formula

March 31st, 2020 Posted by Blog 0 thoughts on “Sourdough Bread Formula”

This is the formula we have been working with at the mill for several years. When you see our Instagram posts, this is the method we are using. You’ll find it closely mirrors some standard and well-known recipes, but with …

Milk Bread Pull Apart Rolls

November 20th, 2019 Posted by Blog 0 thoughts on “Milk Bread Pull Apart Rolls”

The Best Foods

August 6th, 2019 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “The Best Foods”

The Best Foods Everyone Should Be Ordering from California

When I moved to Los Angeles a year-and-a-half ago, it wasn’t my first California rodeo. I’d lived in San Francisco several years before, but all it really took

LA Times Gift Guide

November 27th, 2018 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “LA Times Gift Guide”

LA Times 2018 Gift Guide

We are excited to be in the LA Times gift guide again this year. Just fill out the questionnaire at the link below to see the choices.

Introducing Mai Nguyen

March 14th, 2018 Posted by Blog 0 thoughts on “Introducing Mai Nguyen”

Grist & Toll Farmer Feature

Introducing Mai Nguyen, aka Farmer Mai,

and two landrace wheats grown by her:

Wit Wolkering and Chiddam Blanc de Mars

A blog post featuring a California farmer and specially selected wheat varieties has been a …

Whole Wheat Stollen

December 20th, 2017 Posted by Blog 0 thoughts on “Whole Wheat Stollen”

Stollen is one of my favorite holiday breads. There is a lot to love: fruit, nuts, almond paste, powdered sugar topping – Yum!

A quick preferment of milk, yeast and flour gives the dough a nice depth of flavor, and …

Pain d’épices

December 20th, 2017 Posted by Blog 0 thoughts on “Pain d’épices”

People Who Live in Spice Houses

Linda Civitello for Grist & Toll

Sweden’s pepparkakor (pepper cake) is pfefferkuchen in Germany, speculaas to the Dutch, gingerbread to the British, and pain d’épices (spice bread) in France. Notice a theme? All …


November 30th, 2017 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “Marketplace”

Grist & Toll flour mill wants to change your bread

We are excited to share our interview on Marketplace. Kai Ryssdal host and senior editor of Marketplace, came to visit and talk to us at the mill. You can find …

Baking Powder Wars

October 9th, 2017 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “Baking Powder Wars”

Baking Powder Wars: The Cutthroat Food Fight that Revolutionized Cooking


Meet the author Linda Civitello

Saturday, Oct 14, 2017
1:00pm to 4:00pm

Meet the author, taste historic recipes made with our flour, buy a book and have it signed, …

Gourmandise Grain Conference

September 19th, 2017 Posted by News 0 thoughts on “Gourmandise Grain Conference”

Gourmandise Grain Conference



Sun, Sep 24 2017

Milling & Working with Different Grains with Nan Kohler, Grist & Toll 10:45 am

Sourdough Bread with Andy Kadin, Bub & Grandma’s, and Nan Kohler, …

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